About Us

Welcome to Krishna Eye & ENT Hospitals

Krishna Eye and ENT hospitals was established in the year 2002, in the heart of Chennai by this dedicated couple , Dr.G.Sundhar Krishnan and Dr.P.Kanthamani  who believe there is nothing more blissful and blessed in helping a patient get cured of their illness or disability.

In the last 15 years, this hospital has witnessed patients from different walks of life, from various cultural backgrounds, not just across the country but across the globe, seeking the best option they can get to have a better quality of life that has been guaranteed by the doctors and staff here.

Professor Dr.G. Sundhar Krishanan who is the Medical Director of this instituition and the senior ENT consultant is truly blessed with hands that can heal you leaving behind no memory of a scar. He has dedicated his life in excelling in the field of advanced endoscopic surgery to provide his patients the best cure with minimal discomfort and making it affordable even to the patients of lower economic strata .

Sharing the same motive and dedication, joining in the same journey of healing and caring, is his better half, Dr.P.Kanthamani, Neuro-opthalmologist, who is known for her friendly smile and comforting words apart from her skilful precision in surgeries helping the patients to feel safe and relieved.

What helped this establishment to get its name and trust in these 15years is the personalized care it gives to each patient who walk into this hospital. This hospital is known for several reasons-

  • Centre for minimally invasive surgeries
  • Centre for Endoscopic surgeries- ear, nose , throat and skull base done by the senior ent consultant who is a pioneer and worshiped as the God of endoscopic surgery
  • Excellent results in treating orbital and brain lesion without leaving a scar using endoscopes
  • Fully equipped operating rooms for EYE and ENT with advanced camera and endoscopic setup
  • Treatment for diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy
  • Affordable expenses for the patients due to the shorter hospital stay, fewer investigations and no unwanted taxation.
  • On call consults and opinions from other specialities when necessary through online or personal appointments at the centre
  • Minimal postoperative pain or complications
  • Day care centre where patients leave back to their homes after surgery with no worries and reviewed on OPD basis
  • Treated several patients with brain tumours or CSF leak or orbital injures as a day care procedure without the need for ICU care or overdose of medicines.
  • Painless cataract and LASIK procedures
  • Audiologic testing and hearing aid trials
  • Inhouse laboratory and pharmacy
  • Optical showroom
  • Round the clock assistance to any queries or counselling for patients and their relatives regarding procedures or any other concern
  • Fully Airconditioned setup.

The Disorders Managed By The Hospital

  1. Ear – medical and endoscopic surgical management for hearing loss due to ear infections, fixity of bones in the ear, lesions of the external and middle ear,  traumatic or spontaneous CSF leak , vertigo etc
Surgeries done Ø  750  Endoscopic Myringoplasty
Ø  500 Endoscopic tympanoplasty with ossiculoplasty
Ø  500 Endoscopic stapedectomy
Ø  250 Endoscopic mastoidectomy
  1. Nose- problems of headache, snoring, nose block, facial pain, allergy etc are associated with a deviated nasal bridge(septum) and the blocked sinuses.
Surgeries done Ø  8000Endoscopic adenoidectomy
Ø  5000Endoscopic Septoplasty
Ø  5000Endoscopic turbinectomy/ turbinoplasty
Ø  5000Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Ø  300Endoscopic management of fungal sinusitis
Ø  15Endoscopic Maxillectomy for tumours
  1. Nose is now used as a gateway for approaching problems in the orbit and brain. This centre has been excelling in treating advanced skull base lesions and neuroopthalmology problems in a very minimally invasive technique. We have handled
Skull base disorders >1000 CSF leak repair
>750 pituitary tumour removal
>50 meningocoele
7 craniopharyngioma
3 clival chordomas
Orbital disorders
>40 fungal sinusitis with Optic nerve involvement
>25 traumatic Optic nerve injury
>20 orbital tumours
>15 fibrous dyplasia
3 craniofacial synostosis
  1. Throat – surgeries for voice disorders and disorders of larynx and thyroid
  • Microlaryngeal excision of vocal cord lesions
  • Endoscopic excision of parapharyngeal mass
  • Endoscopic partial laryngectomy for Cancer larynx
  • Thyroidectomy