Dumb bell tumor of the Parotid – Asia oceanic conference 1989- New Delhi

  • Dumb bell tumor of the Parotid.
  • Asia oceanic conference 1989- New Delhi

Won 2nd prize for best video presentation (Endoscopic Stapedectomy) A.O.I Jan 2000

  • Won 2nd prize for best video presentation on Endoscopic Stapedectomy
  • A.O.I Jan 2000

ENDO ORL’08 - Endoscopic Ototino laryngeal Surgeries, Privately in Chennai

OTENDOSCON 2005" – Endoscopic Ear Surgery Conference held at AVM Rajeswari Hall in 2005.

Endoscopic Skull Base & Endoscopic Ear Surgery conference held in April 2007 at Krishna Eye & ENT Hospitals

More than 200 delegates from across India and Malayasia and innumerable others witnessed world class surgical techniques unfold before their eyes even as expert and skilled surgeons worked on patients, solving afflictions of the head and neck region including the eyes, ear, nose, throat & brain from 30 April to 2 May 2010 .

Organized by Krishna Eye & ENT Hospitals, Burkit Road, T.Nagar, the live surgeries were relayed from two operation theatres in the hospital to 2 conference halls at the adjacent venue, SHR An intricate surgery that was performed was on a patient who had brain fluid leak with posterior frontal sinus wall defect which was corrected endonasally with the help of endoscope. Another surgery involved a case of bony mass behind the eye ball, about the size of a gooseberry which was delivered from eye socket endoscopically and then into and out of the nose.