• Accurate dispensing
  • Best quality lenses with antireflection coating and photochromatic tint as per the patient’s visual requirement and occupation.
  • Light weight frames with aesthetic appeal suitable for the individual face–size, shape and complexion.
  • Shatter proof lenses to ensure the safety of the eyes of all-particularly children while playing.
  • Multifocals or progressives for those above 40 without the line of demarcation and without the necessity to raise the neck while working on the computers. Maintenance of glasses and adaptation difficulty are explained.
    Spectacles can be delivered within 4 hrs whenever urgently required
  • Nose Pads for spectacles

Glasses can be fitted to give clarity, comfort, safety as well as to enhance looks.

The left picture shows with heavy glasses, bifocals fitted in a large frame. It was also causing neck pain while working with the computers. The right picture shows her wearing a progressive pair of glasses fitted in a light weight, rimless titanium frame.


We recommend compulsory protective glasses for:

  • Lathe operators,
  • Workers at building sites, those exposed to chemicals in the laboratory,
  • Doctors from blood while operating, ENT, Neuro, Ortho surgeons and others,
  • For 2 wheeler riders – helmet with visor for protection from dust, for welders- special UV shields.